The Two Advents of Jesus Christ

Definition of Advent: Jesus is the Major Theme

Lesson I

January 16th, 2005


I  Introduction:

                        Luke 1:1-4  things we believe

                                                Things we surely believe

                                                Things we most surely believe

                                                Things we know

                        John 20:31       written that we might believe.

                        Acts 5:14         believers were added.


II  Definition of words:

1.      Advent

a.       Dictionary – Season before Christmas.  Coming of Christ.  Arrival.

b.      Our definition.

By First Advent we mean the coming of Jesus Christ to this earth in a visible, bodily form as the Son of God.

By the Second Advent we mean the return of Jesus Christ to this earth in a visible bodily form as both Son of God and Son of Man.

2        Jesus

Matthew 1:21

Jesus is the New Testament word for two Old Testament words.

a.       Joshua  Joshua 1:1,2  ( a type of Christ)

Cf. Hebrews 4:8

b.      Jehovah  Isaiah 43:11  (translated  LORD in K.J.V.)

c.       All three words mean “Saviour”

John 4:42

Acts 4:12

2.      Christ

John 1:41-  Christ is the New Testament word for the Old Testament word “Messiah”.  Eg.  Daniel 9:25  The Anointed One who is coming.

Isaiah 61:1  cf  Luke 4:16-19


III  Christ Jesus, who is the Messiah-Saviour, is the major theme of all Scripture.

                        Luke 24:25-27   “all”

                        Luke 24: 44-45  all”

                        Acts 10:43         “all”

                        These three verses are about the Old Testament.

            Matthew 1:1 tells us that the New Testament is the book of the generation

                        Of Jesus Christ…”

                        Revelation 19:10  Prophecy is about Him.


The story of the Old Testament is that One is Coming.

The story of the New Testament is that One is Coming again.