The Two Advents of Jesus Christ

Promised Messiah Came

Lesson III

January 30, 2005



I              Review: The Old Testament Promised Messiah would be…

1)      The seed of a woman        Genesis 3:15, therefore Human, not an angel

2)      The seed of Abram           Genesis 14:13, Hebrews 2:16, therefore a Hebrew

3)      The seed of Isaac              Genesis 17:18-19, Genesis 16:3, not Ishmael and not an Egyptian

4)      The seed of Jacob             Genesis 32:17, cf John 1:49, not Esau, not an Arab, therefore an Israelite

5)      The seed of Judah             Genesis 49:10, cf John 4:9, not Levi, therefore a Jew

6)      The seed of David            Matthew 15:21-22, Matthew 22:42-43, therefore  by natural birth a King

II      To Bring Messiah, and in order to fulfill the promises, a place, a land was chosen

1)      In the “Middle East” by the “Middle Sea” the land of Israel was chosen

2)      Genesis 12:5-7                  “I will give…”

3)      Genesis 15: 18-21             given by covenant, cf Leviticus 25:23

4)      Genesis 35:12                    It was given to Jacob-Israel

5)      Deuteronomy 6:10            the land of thy fathers…”

6)      Deuteronomy 19: 1, 2 ,3, 8, 10, 14

7)      Deuteronomy 11:12

8)      Zechariah 2:12                  The Holy Land, cf Joel 2:18         His land, his people

III   Into this World Messiah-Saviour came in His First Advent

1)      Luke 2:8-11                 the announcement made

2)      Timothy 1:15               Came to save sinners

3)      John 1:6-10                 John Baptist was sent to bear witness of that Light

4)      John 3:16-17               God’s Only Begotten Son

5)      Acts 4:12                     There is salvation in no other


IV   The Major Purpose of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John is to declare that the Promised Messiah came

1)      Matthew – the promised King

Mark the – promised Servant

Luke the promised Son of man

John the promised Son of God

2)      All four writers connect Jesus with the Old Testament

Matthew 1:1    son of David Abraham

Mark 1:1-2      as written in the prophets

Luke 1:5          a priest…of Aaron

John 1:21         the prophet Elias

3)      Genealogies are found only in Matthew and Luke

Matthew 1:2 begins with Abraham…connecting Jesus with the Hebrew race

Luke 3:38        ends with Adam connect Jesus with the Human race

No genealogy in Mark, for none is needed for a servant

No genealogy in John for Christ is the eternal Son of God

4)      All proclaim Jesus to be the King of the Jews

Matthew 2:2, 27:37

Mark 15:2, 12, 18, 26, 32

Luke 1: 32-33, 23:37-38

John 1:49, 19:19-22, Acts 2:22-36