The Two Advents of Jesus Christ

First Advent: A Series of Events

Lesson V

February 13, 2005



I         Review: The Last Lesson Concluded That The Events Of The First Advent Were In Fulfillment Of Prophetic Scripture

1)      Matthew 1:21-23  prophet Isaiah 7:14

2)      Matthew 2:15        prophet Hosea 11:1

3)      Matthew 2:17        prophet Jeremiah 31:15

4)      Matthew 2:23        note that it says prophets, not prophet

Isaiah 11:1

II      The First Advent Was Not One Event

1)      It was a series of events

2)      Events foretold in the Old Testament Scriptures

3)      The first event of the first advent was the announcement and birth of John

a)      Luke 1:1-25           the announcement

b)      Luke 1:57-80         the birth

c)      Isaiah 40:3             cf John 1:19-23

d)     Malachi 3:1           cf Matthew 11:”2-10

e)      Jesus said that John was that Messenger, so the coming of John (John 1:6 sent from God) was a literal fulfillment of Scripture

III   Other Events of the First Advent

1)      The birth of Christ      Luke 2:1-20

In Bethlehem as predicted (Micah 5:2, cf Matthew 2:1-6)

2)      The Life of Christ

a)      Circumcising (Luke 2:21), then named Jesus

This first in prophecy, Matthew 1:21

Then in history, Matthew 1:23

b)      Mary’s purification after 40 days

Galatians 4:4         Jesus was born under the law

Luke 2:22-24         cf Leviticus 12:1-8

3)      The Death of Christ

a)      First in prophecy   Isaiah 53:7-12

b)      Then in history      Luke 23:33, Calvary is a Latin word (only in Luke)

Matthew 27:33   Golgotha, Hebrew word (John 19:17)

Mark 15:22         Skull-a Greek word (cf John 19:20)

4)      The Resurrection of Christ

a)      First in prophecy   Psalm 16:10

b)      Then in history      Acts 2:29-31, Matthew 28:6

5)      The Resurrected Christ returned to Earth for 40 days

a)      Acts 1:3  the history

b)      John 16:20-22 the prophecy

6)      The Final Ascension of Christ

a)      First in prophecy   Psalm 68:18

b)      Then in history      Ephesians 4:8,10

Mark 16:19

Luke 24:50-53

7)      First Advent events concluded with Pentecost

a)      Luke 24:49            The prophecy of promise

b)      Acts 2:32-33         The fulfillment

c)      These events cover a period of almost 40 years

8)      1 Timothy 3:16, a summary of First Advent events

a)      all fulfilling Scripture

b)      all literal fulfillments

c)      all now part of historical facts