The Two Advents of Jesus Christ

Major Events of the Second Advent


Lesson VII

February 27, 2005



I         The Second Advent, like the First Advent, is not one event, but a series of events

1)      All of these events are foretold in Scripture

2)      Scripture is the only source of knowledge of these events

3)      The early Disciples had difficulty putting First Advent events in order before they were fulfilled (John 7:40-43)

4)      Today we have divisions not about the fact of a Second Coming of Christ, but about the order of the events

II      We state some major events and the order as we see them in Scripture

1)      The Rapture - an event of the Advent

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

1 Corinthians 15:51-58

2)      The Return and Revelation of Jesus Christ

Acts 1:10-11

Revelation 1:7

3)      With these events: two major events

a)      The Great Tribulation before Christ returns to earth

Matthew 24: 21,22, 29-30

b)      The Millennial Reign of Christ after He returns to earth

Revelation 20:1-7

III   Both Advents are Predicted in the Old Testament (1 Peter 1:10-11)

1)      First advent - the sufferings of Christ

2)      Second Advent - the glory that should follow

IV   Both Advents were foretold by the Same Prophet

1)      Example    Daniel 9:26, “Messiah cut off” - First Advent

Daniel 7:13-14, coming of the Son of Man - Second Advent

cf. Matthew 24:30

2)      Example    Malachi 3:1; cf Matthew 11:10 - First Advent

Malachi 4:5; cf 1 Thes.5:2 - Second Advent

a)      Before the First Advent, John came to minister for 3 ˝ years

b)      Before the Second Advent, Elijah will come to minister for 3 ˝ years

V      Both Advents are in the same context

1)      Malachi 3:1,2

Messenger is John (Matthew 11:10) - First Advent

Messenger is Jesus the Judge - Second Advent

2)      Zechariah 9:9

Riding a donkey, cf Matthew 21:1:10 - First Advent

Zechariah 9:10 - peace, dominion on earth - Second Advent

3)      Isaiah 9:6

The child born - First Advent

Government on His shoulder - Second Advent

VI   The Events are not always in a chronological order

1)      Micah 5:2 - the cross

Micah 5:2 - his birth

2)      Zechariah 13:6, what are these wounds…? - Second Advent

cf John 19:34-37

Zechariah 13:7; cf Matthew 26:31 - The First Advent

VIIIn Luke 24:25-27, Jesus teaching the old Testament spoke of:

1)      His sufferings

2)      His glory

3)      2000 years ago the disciples accepted His glory predictions, but did not see His sufferings in the same Scriptures

Matthew 16:21-23

Mark 8:27-33

John 20:8-9

Luke 24:25 - Jesus called them fools because they did not believe all that was written